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Pendleton® Whisky Midnight

$ 45.99

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Pendleton® Midnight thrills the senses with a complex taste and exceptionally smooth finish. Inspired by the conversations and occasions held at sundown, we believe Midnight lives up to its name. A portion of the blend is aged in American brandy barrels, providing fruit forward characteristics that are balanced with warm spices for a full-bodied, authentic flavor. Crafted from glacier-fed spring water straight from Oregon’s Mt. Hood, Pendleton® Midnight elevates the casual get-together into an extraordinarily memorable experience.

When you want something in your glass to make special moments last, make it Pendleton® Midnight.

(45% ABV – 90 proof)
Bottle size: 750ml

Nose: Musky notes of leather, warm cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and a trace of ginger
Oak balanced with coffee cake, nuts, caramelized banana, and candied figs
Finish: Spices, pecans, walnuts with a full-bodied finish

Pendleton® Midnight adds a sweet and spicy complexity to every cocktail – try it yourself with our Midnight Manhattan.

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