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Pendleton® Whisky Original

$ 30.99

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Pendleton® Whisky Original is aged in hearty oak barrels and cut to proof with glacier-fed spring waters from Mt. Hood. Crafted to honor the hard-working American cowboys and cowgirls, this is the spirit of the rodeo in a bottle. Pendleton® Whisky delivers a rich, complex flavor and an uncommonly smooth finish.

Each bottle prominently displays the famous bucking horse symbol and Let’er Buck slogan. With a history tied to the Pendleton Round-Up, one of the most prestigious rodeos in the West, you can bet that Pendleton® Whisky is a taste of true western tradition.

(40% ABV – 80 proof)
Bottle size: 750ml

Nose: Vanilla, honey, butterscotch, and custard with a hint of freshly grated cinnamon bark
Fall fruits with a dash of spice
Finish: Medium balance and smooth finish

Live boldly, savor adventure, and give your tastebuds a kick with Pendleton® Whisky by trying The Original Cowboy cocktail.

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